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Accounting We Will Go, lead by Anna Hill, an online seller and CPA, is focused on supporting the Amazon and eBay eCommerce seller with accounting and bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping Basics for the eCommerce Seller Course

Bookkeeping Basics for the eCommerce Seller Online Course

Learn the accounting and bookkeeping basics for your eCommerce Amazon FBA business. I will teach you the foundational basics including a monthly and yearly routine to follow. I demonstrate how to record your Amazon deposit, daily transactions, and cost of goods sold.
As bonus content, I explain how to record gift cards and demonstrate the differences between Quickbooks and Xero (including A2X.) After this course you will be ready to get your books in order using the software of your choice.

Xero Accounting Course for eCommerce sellers

Online Xero Accounting Course

Learn how to set up your eCommerce accounting system using Xero, a cloud based software. I teach you how to get your automated accounting system going and how to do your monthly accounting in a painless and easy manner.

Accounting We Will Go Facebook

Accounting Facebook Page

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Accounting Workshops for eCommerce sellers

Online Accounting Workshops

Anna Hill offers accounting workshops specifically for the eCommerce seller. The next scheduled session is a 9-session bootcamp beginning Tuesday, January 17. Start 2017 off right by learning how to manage your eCommerce books!

Popular Topics Covered:
  • Members include eCommerce sellers: ebay, Amazon FBA and Merchant Fulfilled, Private Label, Wholesale, and other internet sales platforms
  • Discussion of accounting for an eCommerce business including using Quickbooks, Xero, A2X, GoDaddy, Wave, Inventory Lab, Scanpower Reports
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Cost of Goods Sold guidelines, tracking, and recording Monthly bookkeeping routine
  • How to get your books in order so that you can manage and grow your business and have a file for tax preparation
  • Receipt organization tips and tricks
  • Learn how to record the Amazon payment in three simple steps Numerous free accounting templates created for your eCommerce business
  • Entity structure
  • Best business practices
Top posts include:

"Accounting We Will Go is invaluable; without it I never could have figured out how to account for my Amazon business." - Pam Gibson

"I was very confused about how record the use of discounted gift cards for inventory purchases. Anna explained, in simple terms, how to do it, and now I use discounted gift cards without stress and worry and have saved thousands." - Matt Alexander

"I had no idea how to do the accounting for my Amazon FBA business. A CPA was going to charge me a great deal of money to do it for me, but with Accounting We Will Go, I learned the five steps I need to do each month, and now I do it myself in less than half a day each month. It's a relief to understand how my business is doing on a monthly basis." - Donna McFarlane
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